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SIPit 32 was held at the Univerity of New Hampshire Interoperability Laboratory, September 12-16, 2016. See the event summary for details.
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SIPit Information

The SIPit, or Session Initiation Protocol Interoperability Test, is a weeklong event where people bring their SIP implementations to ensure they work together.

Each SIPit is open to anyone with a working SIP implementation. The goal of the events is to refine both the protocol and its implementations. SIPit is a driving force shaping SIP into a globally interoperable protocol for real time Internet communication services.

Currently, SIPit is held every 18 to 24 months. Different companies or organizations host each event, and each host chooses the venue.

The SIP Forum coordinates these events (Robert Sparks is the current coordinator).

Olle Johansson explains Why you should participate at SIPit

Automated Self tests - The SIPit SIP-o-matic

The tests are developed for you to run a few basic tests on your own and gives you a good idea on which type of tests we perform during the SIPit events.


This wiki is a working collection for the entire SIP community, focusing particularly on capturing testing information between SIPit events and tracking interoperability as part of advancing the SIP standards through the IETF. These pages can be viewed by anyone. To contribute content, an existing editor will need to create an account for you.

Symbol-warning-small.png SIPit Attendees: This is NOT the event wiki. Note carefully that any content you add to this site is visible to the world.
The globe behind the logo in the upper left corner of the page serves as a reminder that these are global pages.

Current Activities