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Guidelines for creating SIPit Automated Self Tests

Automated self tests has proven to be very effective for new implementations. This can help make tests done on the actual SIPit events be more interesting and focused on new code and implementation, avoiding the basic call setup scenarios. The tests have to be documented on the SIPit event wikis and if they are permanently installed on the SIPit virtual machine system, on the global SIPit wiki (this site).

  • You are welcome to enable self-tests on your own devices. Announce this in the wiki.
  • On the wiki page, document how to perform the test and the expected results.
  • If possible, build test platforms on the SIPit virtual machine system so that it is preserved for future events
  • Always enable both IPv4 and IPv6 on the self test services. IPv6 is no longer something new
  • For alphanumeric-impaired devices, add numeric aliases for any URLs
  • Some devices require registration to a service before being able to test. Allow registration whenever possible.
  • Document your scripts so that someone else can fix issues or add new tests easily
  • Don't forget to ADD DOCUMENTATION to your configurations, scripts. (see above)

Thank you for contributing to making SIPit better!