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This is a work in progress - use it as a starting point, but please do not consider it a complete reference

Host and Venue Requirements

Must have

Venue logistics

  1. 32-36 ft^2 (3-3.33 m^2) per participant
  2. Space for multiparty tests, host 12 to 15 people, meeting above requirement

Power logistics

  1. Power for at least 1 laptop per participant
  2. Endpoint implementors will typically bring several phones
  3. Server implementors may bring additional servers and occasionally a rack of equipment
  4. Host should be prepared to provide information on the voltage/frequency of their power
  5. Host should be prepared to provide a picture of the power plug/power strips that will be used for the event

Network logistics

  1. The network is the hardest part of hosting SIPit
  2. Minimum 10 Mbps symmetric connection to the Internet (ADSL will NOT work) (SIPit 25 traffic graphs)
  3. At least 2 Public IPv4 addresses to enable the VPN to the SIPit network hosted at UNH-IOL.
  4. Absolutely no port blocking or application layer gateway (ALG) between the participant networks and the Internet
  5. At least 1 Ethernet port per participant, typically in the form of an Ethernet cable drop to their workspace
  6. Wireless 802.11 b/g network capable of supporting ~200 clients
  7. 1 infrastructure phone for each team (teams are typically 1 for each registered company, but a few companies will bring multiple teams)
  8. Multiparty space should include an Ethernet repeater (hub) instead of a switch

Nice to have

  1. Printer for the participants to use
  2. IPv6 global address space
  3. SIP based infrastructure phones
  4. Multiparty space should be in the same room as the main event (visibility adds to the attendance)

Rough Planning Numbers

Points to Consider

  • The most important component of the SIPit is the network. This is also the hardest component to get and keep running.
  • If the space requirement seems large, please talk to someone from your company who has attended a previous event (or call RjS) to get an understanding of how the space will be used.
    • Endpoint implementors will have one or more phones/videophones/proto-boards/consoles in addition to laptops.
    • Server implementors will have consoles and occasionally racks.
    • Attendees move their laptops to other teams' stations while doing direct ad-hoc testing, and need a place to sit. (There need to be empty chairs assigned to each team).
    • Reviewing these representative photos may help
  • Internet connection must be symmetrical, ADSL and ADSL2/2+ will NOT work
  • Event IP Phones and the event IP-PBX (proxy/register) should be on the same network, no routing, only switching
  • Ask service provider how public IP addresses will be delivered, routing information
  • SIPit20 used 7400VA on Wednesday at 10:30am