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SIPit SIP-o-matic

The SIP-o-matic self tests are tests that we have set up during the SIPit events to provide online testbeds for a range of SIP features. For years, these tests ran at SIPit events and were hosted at the UNH IoL between events.

They are not currently online.

Future work

We welcome help with developing tests, as well as contributions of software to run.


The tests has been developed during a series of SIPit events by a number of people

  • Olle E. Johansson, Edvina
  • Nils Ohlmeier, SIPsak
  • Daniel Constatin Mierla, Asipto
  • Saul Ibarra Cortez, AG projects

The software ran on the SIPit server at Interoperability Labs, University of New Hampshire, Durham, USA.

The software used in the tests are all Open Source servers: