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Generating certificates for SIPIT testing

Cullen Jennings has provided a suite of scripts for generating certificates that can be used for testing S/MIME and TLS integration at the SIPITs.


Using the scripts

Here are the scripts and some auxillary files. These are also available from svn.resiprocate.org (see www.resiprocate.org) under /resip/certs.

You can browse that repository using this link.

The scripts

  • makeCA
  • makeCert

Auxilliary files

  • extn.cnf
  • client.pem
  • dh1024.pem
  • random.pem
  • root.pem
  • root_key.pem
  • server.pem
  • thawte_test_root.pem


  • Notes
  • Readme.txt