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The second SIP Forum RTCWeb Interoperability Test was hosted by TMC in Santa Clara, California, Monday November 18, 2013.

We had a very successful test session. Most of the scenarios we exercised "just worked" the first time. We had two browser implementations, and one application suite at the table. The scenarios we tested included a rich combination of nat and firewall restricted network paths, ensuring that the expected media and datachannel path was taken in each scenario. (This included forcing the browsers to communicate only through a Turn server.)

One observation from the tests is that implementations cannot rely on streams being available until onAddStream is called. This may or may not happen before the setRemoteDescription success callback.

We found a few deployed applications that are currently changing their behavior based on the User-Agent string, and have cost themselves starting to automatically work cross-browser as the browsers are being updated. New application developers should isolate such decisions. (It would have been nice to disable these checks to see if cross-browser DataChannels worked with the browser code at the table.)

Having a rich application suite available helped drive effective tests, and provided very useful feedback for the application developer. All application developers should consider attending the next event to get the quick feedback this kind of testing environment provides.